Pet Cetera

CPPETINDO, one of the businesses of PT Central Proteina Prima, Tbk (CP Prima) is a feed producer & distributor who believes that healthy pets are happy pets. Pet owners who love their pets understand that every food consumed by their pet plays a very important role in balancing the physical and mental condition of the animal.

As a market leader for ornamental fish feed products, our feed products such as TAKARI, SAKURA GOLDFISH, HIRO, SANKOI, CP KOI, SUPER SAVE, BREEDER PRO, KOI FEED (PK), SAKURA KOI are formulated with various nutrients, vitamins, and minerals balance that ensures healthy growth, immunity, and the beauty of the fish scales themselves.

For chirping birds, we produce CLASSIC BIRD and CP SINGING BIRD. These two products have two variants, namely anti-stress and seaweed. Our products use high quality materials, so that they are able to increase stamina, bird sounds, and of course be able to beautify the feathers of the birds themselves.

We also have a range of products such as CLEO, BOLT, CHEF CHOICE, CP CLASSIC, CUTIES CATZ, KITCHEN FLAVOR, NATURE BRIDGE, VIGOR & SAGE, and ME-O which are specially formulated for kittens (kittens) as well as adult cats (adult). . There are also JINNY products that can be given to cat snacks at home. Each product contains high quality ingredients and balanced nutrition needed to maintain cat health, improve eyesight, and maintain coat softness and skin radiance.

For dogs, we provide options such as BOLT, CP CLASSIC, CHEF CHOICE, HOME & DOG, JERHIGH, PET BUDDY LOVE, KITCHEN FLAVOR, NATURE BRIDGE, and VIGOR & SAGE. Similar to products for cats, these products are formulated for puppies (puppy) and adult dogs (adult) for small and large breeds of dogs. There are also JERHIGH products that can be given for dog snacks at home. Each product contains high quality ingredients and balanced nutrition which also ensures the health of the dog itself.

We also provide NOVA for rabbits, which contains high vitamins and minerals so that they are also easily liked by the favorite rabbits at home.

CPPETINDO is always active in sponsoring various activities such as pet competitions and seminars in our efforts to increase the knowledge of pet owners while maintaining good relations with animal hobbyists and pet owner communities. Our products can be found in almost all animal shops, poultry shops and modern markets throughout Indonesia. And to make it easier for customers, we also have Official Stores in various Market Places such as Blibli, Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada, JD.ID, Bukalapak, and Elevenia which can be easily accessed when ordering all products from CPPETINDO. For more information, please check our website at On the CPPETINDO website, Pet Pals can find out a lot of detailed information about products, Tips and Tricks for pets, and various other information

Not only the website and the Official Store, CPPETINDO also has 2 Instagram accounts that pet pals can follow, namely the @loveyourpetid and @cleocatid accounts. There will be lots of content about pets and of course attractive prizes from CPPETINDO.