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Packshoot CP SingingBird AntiStress-min

CP Singing Bird Food Anti Stress

Description of CP Singing Bird Food Seaweed

CP Singing Bird Food Seaweed is the perfect feed with balanced nutrition to boost stamina and quality of bird chirp.

For white-rumped shama, oriental magpie-robin, long-tailed shrike, chestnut-capped thrush, straw-headed bulbul, hwamei, hill blue flycatcher, starling, pied myna, and parrot

Corn, soybean meal, fish meal, yeast, fish oil, tapioca, egg yolk powder, corn gluten meal, and vitamin

Nutrition information:
Protein min. 14%, fat min. 3%, fiber max. 8%, ash max. 12%, water content max. 12%, calcium 0.80%-2.00%, phosphorus min. 0.50%

Key product benefits:
Contains seaweed and complete nutrition for birds for healthy growth, melodious chirp, and beautiful feather.

Net weight: 400 gr
Pellet size: 3 mm
Color: Green
Packaging: Pack

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